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Whose Am I?

How I Found Love, Hope, & Forgiveness Through Adversity
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My Story

Terrie Renee` moore-Jolly was born at Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta Georgia, spending most of her life living in the northeast area of the city. Her life of almost sixty-three years has led to many challenges, traumas, and blessings she is inclined to share at this critical time in history. Her life of childhood abuse, poverty, addiction, single parenthood, over twenty years in an abusive marriage, jail, and homelessness, has allowed her to see the darker side of life. Terrie’s spiritual journey led her through the darkness into the Light. She began her healing process in recovery and rebirthing over thirty years ago. Her enlightenment or Oneness happened three years ago. The spiritual road less traveled is not for the weak. Her unbelievable strength is felt in each story. Her love, tenacity, and determination is truly inspirational.

My Books

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Whose Am I?

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Whose Am I?

My Books


To answer your first question; No, my name is not misspelled. Moore is the name I share with three of my sons. The lower case “m” represents ex#2’s place in God’s plan. In spite of his best efforts to destroy me, I survived and thrived. I am blessed with the last name Jolly from husband number three, a man far superior in every way. He deserves all caps!

The last three years have been a wild adventure in God’s boot camp of life. The goal was to cram as many lessons into three years as humanly sustainable to bring love, light, and healing to others. It was touch and go a few times! Going to jail six times in three years felt like overkill, but it was never my plan. It is God’s. God gives the strongest warriors the toughest battles. My lessons were many, and my blessings were more. The fun I had along the way was priceless!

As you read my story, as unbelievable as it may seem, I promise everything is true to the best of my knowledge. The past three years have been captured in photos, on video, or have a paper trail to back up the adventure I have been on with God. God knew We would need proof. We have it.


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