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Mercuries Ryzen's Perception of Intimate Stories 
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This book reflects on Mercuries Ryzen's perception of intimate stories either heard from friends, family, or foe. In the beginning, you will get to know the character and some of the ordeals experienced at an early age. Sometimes, our childhood experiences mold us into the adult that we end up becoming in life, but sometimes, we turn out to become more than was expected by others. You would think she was “done,” only the worse ending possible. But she had some of it sorted out in her young mind. Enough so, she could thrive by blocking and mentally escaping. Shit always comes back up, got to complete the 360-degree circles. It may bring you to tears, and it will put a smile on your face, maybe even floor you with laughter, it will make you feel that warmth in your heart and between your legs. You will wonder, WTF.


About Author

Mercuries Ryzen was born in Brooklyn, New York, and reared in the Low-Country of South Carolina. Currently, she resides in Atlanta, Ga. She is a graduate of Argosy University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling. She continues to pursue her education as she is working on her Ph.D. in Psychology and her Master’s in Human Resource Management. Whenever faced with a challenge, she looked to find an area within her to work on.

After all the Psychological training, she was aware when a need for an outlet was necessary. So, Mercuries searched and found something more reasonable and affordable than a Therapist. Comedy was ideal, she wrote her routines practice in front of complete strangers and performed on stage at the Punchline in Atlanta, Georgia. That was a positive resolution for her because she was shy and completing out of her comfort zone. It is a wonderful feeling to write about your feelings, act them out on stage, and not give a damn about what others are thinking. She performs every blue moon at Open Mic night. However, another challenge raised, and that experience led to her taking a Voice over class, which was intriguing in itself to act out another side of her personality.

Mercuries is a career nurse and has been with her current employer for 29 years. She has a love for writing and her big family. She started writing at a young age and had her first poem published at the age of 12 years old. Writing is her passion and emotional outlet. She writes for the reader to feel the emotions and be part of the story. Mercuries, released her first book in 2009, "When My Soul Cries,” and

plans to release her novel in November 2019. “Shared Tenderness” was supposed to be the title, but Men in My Bed just was a better fit. This story is designed to ensure readers that although we may have a man, or two, or three in our life. There could be unpredictable turnouts, such as none of them measuring up, younger or older, and playing games, mentally challenged. Flaccid dicks, just a Crocker sack full of shit. Therefore, we have to have the tools necessary to successfully put the pieces together to navigate and build our desired man. And good luck with that. In my writing, I want the reader to view the positive aspects of exploring numerous options and possibly recycling the man.



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