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Meet Sharrica

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Dr. Sharrica Miller

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

Sharrica Miller is a doctorally prepared, board certified pediatric nurse practitioner with over 16 years of experience in nursing and nursing education. After spending 12 years of her childhood in foster care, Dr. Miller went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Howard University and worked as a nurse in multiple specialties, before going back to school to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. She earned her PhD from UCLA in 2017 and was named one of five Johnson and Johnson’s Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars two years in a row.

Dr. Miller is a foster youth mentor, advocate, and researcher who recently won the 2019 Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity award at California State University, Fullerton for her work as Director of the Diversity Support Team. She is also active in the community and her advocacy work earned her the 2021 Casey Family Foundation Alumni award.

As a former foster youth and HBCU graduate, she utilizes both a professional and personal lens to create and sustain diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in various organizations including universities and child welfare agencies. Her research focuses on the health services utilization and transition readiness in transitional age foster youth. She is a nationally renowned speaker that utilizes personal stories to facilitate personal transformation in individuals overcoming adversity.

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