Transformational Writing

  • Do you have a story that you needs to be told and you refuse to carry it with you to your grave?

  • Do you feel a sense of obligation to share the knowledge that you have?

  • Do you have a book idea that you can’t seem to get onto paper?

  • Are you great at inspiring others?

  • Are you ready to share your passion and expand your brand?

  • Are you a pastor who would like to turn your sermons into a book?

  • Have you experienced trauma and seeking inner healing?

If so, we want to hear from you. Your message matters and will help people all over the world. 

Transformational Writing with Dr. M. Kinney

Dr. Marita Kinney has over 58 inspirational fiction and non-fiction books to her credit and boasts some of the top selling books in the African American Christian fiction and Inspirational categories on Amazon. Some of her most popular titles include her debut book: The Unspoken Walk, Sasha, Grown Woman 101, Forbidden Desire, The Snow’s Meltdown, Seed of Discord and 45 Days of Encouragement.
At the time of writing, her book, Sasha, was ranked number 5 in the United States in short stories and number 7 in African American Christian fiction categories. Moreover, the book boasts over 93% positive reviews. One reader wrote: “This lady has a good writing style. She made me stop and think really hard about my life. I’d recommend her books to women especially. Her work comes at you through the different character’s lives, heart touching stories and thought-provoking topics. I loved the way it was written and once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The storyline really drew me in. And I didn’t think I would enjoy it initially. I like that, such a good, honest message for women to get. Most of us truly need more books like this.”



Through the success she has found in publishing her own books, Kinney now helps budding and established authors to share their stories with the world. Her publishing company, Pure Thoughts Publishing currently represents 43 authors and that number keeps growing. Tasha Page Lockhart, Shantera Chatman, Ebony Stroder and LeAnne “LeLee” Lyons from the female group SWV are just a few of the authors that are thriving under Kinney’s publishing expertise.

“Writing and publishing is my passion and I love helping people to share their stories, said Kinney when asked about her motivation to venture into publishing. “The greatest thing about writing a book is that you may not live forever but your words will.   There is so much power in writing and I am just glad to be part of it.”

Pure Thoughts Publishing offers customized publishing services to both new and seasoned authors. Built on solid Christian values, the company offers coaching to clients on building their brand and creating/expanding their platform. For further information about Marita Kinney and her books, or to engage her publishing services, visit:

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Pure Thoughts Publishing LLC, established in 2010, as an interactive publishing company providing customized services to both new and seasoned authors dedicated to meeting their personal project goals. While operating from Christian values, we not only publish, but coach our clients in building their brand and expand/create their platform. Our authors Write for a Purpose and With a Purpose.