You Are Enough!

When did you start believing the lies that you're not good enough? When did you start believing the lies that you don't deserve to have nice things, that you don't deserve a husband, that you don't deserve children? When are you going to stop living in fear? Embrace your destiny today. Your destiny to be great. Your destiny to make changes. Your destiny to give other people hope.

You know you should've gave up a long time ago but you're still standing. Celebrate the moment. Forget the past. The past built you. The past did not destroy you. You are still here. You are still here to tell your story. You are still here to give people hope. You are still here to believe in your dreams. You are still here because you are worthy. Say it with me, "I am worthy. I am important enough to go through this and make it out on the other side to give someone else hope." Don't give up. Believe in yourself today. Believe and give others hope. Believe that you can do it. You are worth it. You are deserving. You are good enough!

Dr. Marita Kinney, Msc.D CEO|Publisher Pure Thoughts Publishing w:

"Write for a Purpose and with a Purpose"

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